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Monday, June 11, 2012

Of Chickens,Ducks, and Guinea Fowl

I can hardly wait to find some Guinea and some Muscovy Ducks-we have a real tick problem here on the homestead and I'm tired of picking the evil little things off myself and the kids. We do have chickens who would eat them, but unfortunately they also like to peck holes in the blueberries and pierce the tomatoes with those razor sharp beaks! So now we are on the hunt for ducks and guinea, seeing as neither of those eat what we are trying to grow for ourselves. I've learned from experience that the Muscovy duck is an amazing forager, and a great addition to the homestead. They are excellent layers, have a docile temperament, and are willing to forage for the majority of their food. They will also hatch off chicken eggs if added to their nest, although I'm not sure if that is typical behavior as there is a difference in the incubation period. Now Guinea Fowl, on the other hand, are birds of a different caliber. I've been unable to keep more than 2 Guinea Fowl as the others flew the coop several days after purchasing them. I was rather distraught, to say the least! Either way, I've been told that they will not fly away if penned for several weeks before allowing them to range. Now all I have to do is find some :)

Rain Rain...

It's been a few days since I last posted, we've had loads of rain this past week, which makes working outside darn near impossible! The good news about all the rain is that I'm not lugging the garden hoses all over the front acre around the house! Now that's thinking positive! I have been able to get some organizing done around the house, and I've been working on taking inventory of what seeds I'd really like to get more of. I was able to get some weeding done around my pink buddleia and it had butterflies on it earlier when the sun came out for a few minutes. The lavender is blooming now, as is more of my canna, which I have been offering as a trade for seeds and cuttings I don't have. I have 3 varieties of canna, an orange, a red, and one with dark burgundy leaves that has yet to bloom. I'm really looking forward to seeing what color that one is :). I also found out my well bladder may be going bad, which will be bad news indeed as I have no idea how to fix it. So we need to call someone to fix the porch roof and someone to fix the well- That will definitely cut into the plant fund! In other news, my chicks I purchased several months ago are getting big, I should be able to release them into general population soon. Mr. Roo will be happy to have a few new ladies for his harem, and I will be happy to get the extra eggs!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Food Storage Analyzer Review

I just tried out the Food Storage Analyzer from Emergency Essentials, and I am hooked! The Analyzer gives you several options including the ability to Add your own items-and the best part is that it is free! I found it to be a handy tool for food storage inventory and planning; it looks like a great way to fill in any gaps in your emergency plans.You can use this tool by clicking the link below:
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June 07, 2012- Timber!!

Today we spent the day trying to clear a spot for our greenhouse and raised beds, I think we dropped about 15 trees today! The boys came out and helped by using the machete and ax to strip all the branches off as they were cut. The view from the house is nothing short of amazing, I'm looking forward to the greenhouse so I can start cuttings for next year this winter. I absolutely love the new place, 4 acres of paradise!

Welcome to my New Blog!

I was having issues with my old blog so this is my new one. I will be keeping this blog updated as life at the new Homestead unfolds. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you'll come visit again soon :)