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Friday, June 21, 2013

 Slug Damaged Berries, oh they smelled so sweet but the hens ended up getting them all thanks to those pesky slugs!
This is our "downtown". One of the three nice storms we've gotten this week- I Love it when it storms like this!
 Slug Damaged Strawberries!
 The tomato patch, after 3 days of steady rain...this took hours to weed out, but we got mulch down on all but two rows now.
 All of the small potatoes, we actually dig up even more the next day!
 Cayuga grapes on the vine, our first fruits for this grapevine!
 My better half showing off our third cucumber this year, we ate the other two before we could get a picture!
One of our crabapple trees, seems to be growing well despite the Japanese Beetle assaults!

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