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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Updates: So sorry for the dearth of posts, It has been a really busy year so far!

The late Winter/Spring this year was the oddest I've ever seen, we had temperature fluctuations here of 40 or so degrees off of the normal temps, I don't think I remember a stranger year of weather than this one has been! We managed to plants several peach, apple, crabapple, plum, hawthorn, mulberry, raspberry, and blackberry plants. I'm still unsure of how well the Marionberries (blackberry) will perform here, as they were purchased from Washington State. I sure hope they do well, Marionberry pie is one of my favorites! The blueberries haven't performed as well this year, but most of our fruit trees and shrubs experienced blossom drop due to temperature fluctuations, despite us covering them with plastic. We have added two Great Pyrenees to our farm recently, and they have settled in nicely, although they eat us out of house and home :) We still plan to add red currants,elder, almond, cherries, and possibly several pecan trees within the next year, as soon as more space is cleared for them. So far our garden has Beefsteak , San Marzano, Pineapple, and black plum tomatoes, garlic, red onions, Ronde De Nice squash, Dark Star Zucchini, Blue Lake beans, Beauregard Sweet Potatoes, Two varieties of potatoes, Sumter Cucumbers, Black Diamond Watermelons, Asparagus, Japanese Eggplant,Alpine and Everbearing Strawberries, and 4 varieties of peppers. I wanted to add Okra, more beans, and cantaloupes but I'm not sure I'll get them planted in time. Our tiller is currently on strike, so any further beds will have to be dug the old fashioned way until it is fixed,which may make it a bit more challenging.

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