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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Harvesting some of the Fruits of my labor today

So far this week I have harvested four decent sized zucchini, a handful of cute cherry tomatoes, a couple nice cucumbers, a large basket of peaches, some Alpine white and Quinalt strawberries, and some tiny Thai hot peppers. I'm really hoping the bugs don't get the better of me this year like they did last year, already the zucchini are being attacked by Leaf-Footed bugs and stink bugs. I can't stand the things, not to mention the borers killing them by eating up the vines! I think it is time to start some replacement plants just in case, as I love my zucchini! The tomatoes are really beginning to develop as well, we probably have at least a dozen San Marzano paste tomatoes ripening on the vine, as well as several tiny Beefsteak tomatoes. The Bell Peppers are getting flowers, and a few have tiny peppers beginning to grow. Several days ago we were also able to harvest some Jalapeno peppers, and I look forward to Japanese Eggplant but the flowers just keep withering and dropping, despite my hand pollination of the blooms.

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